Core Of IO Premiere New Song “Hit The River Hard”

Australian progressive rock band Core of IO has premiered their new song recently. You can check out the lyric video for their song “Hit The River Hard” below. The song is from the band’s upcoming new EP Part II: Europa which is due out on December 1st.

Guitarist/vocalist Bob Tett has the following to say:

“The story behind ‘Hit The River Hard’ is one my grandmother told me as a child and one that I have asked my mother about many times since as I am completely enthralled by it. During the second world war a plane my grandfather rode in was shot down. They were falling too fast to parachute out and to avoid a populated area the pilot ditched the plane into a river. Out of the nine on-board my grandfather and only two others were pulled from the wreckage by the locals. They were hidden in a secret room inside a church for 6 months to avoid capture, then dressed as civilians they were smuggled back to England where my grandparents were reunited after my grandmother had 6 months previous been told her husband was killed in action. It just so happened that one day a supposed dead man knocked on her front door and they were back together again. I’ve always loved this story, it’s not the last time it will creep its way into my lyrics.”

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