Madball To Release Split With Wisdom In Chains

Madball has announced that they will be releasing a split with Wisdom In Chains recently. The 7″ split will be entitled Family Biz and will be released on September 25th via Fast Break Records. Madball will be contributing a special version of their song “For The Cause” which is also the title track for the band’s upcoming new album.

Frontman Freddy Cricien has the following to say about the song:

“It’s about staying the course and fighting for what you love and are passionate about. It’s a theme that you’ll hear a lot throughout our next album. Utilizing negativity and the obstacles you face as inspiration. ‘Say I can’t, say I won’t again… Give me the fuel that I need to ascend!’”

Wisdom In Chains, on the other hand, will be contributing a song entitled “Someday” to this split. Vocalist Mad Joe Black has the following to say about the song:

“It is about not living in the past and not fixating on the future. Look at what you have in your life and appreciate the good things and work hard to improve what needs improving. It kind of represents that hardcore work ethic that bands like Madball are known for.”

To pre-order the split, click here.

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