Khemmis Sign With Nuclear Blast

Denver, Colorado rock band Khemmis has announced that they have signed with Nuclear Blast. The band is currently working on their third album which will be released via the label globally in 2018. You can check out the press release sent out regarding this announcement below.

Nuclear Blast Entertainment,‎ via a licensing deal with 20 Buck Spin, are immensely pleased to announce the worldwide (ex. North America) signing of Denver, Colorado based multifarious doomed heavy metal quartet Khemmis. Welcome to the family!

Khemmis are currently working on new material destined to be their third record, due to be released in 2018 via 20 Buck Spin in North America and via Nuclear Blast Entertainment elsewhere globally.
Khemmis commented on the signing:”We are honoured to join the legendary Nuclear Blast roster for the release of our third album. The new songs we’ve been working on build upon the melodicism of Hunted while also exploring new, heavier, and more aggressive sonic terrain. We plan to enter the studio in early 2018 with a tentative mid-year release date. Thanks to Monte Conner, everyone at NB, and the listeners and fans who have supported us.”

Formed in 2012 in Denver USA, Khemmis have released two albums to date. 2015’s ‘Absolution’ and 2016’s ‘Hunted’ paint a unique portrait; encompassing spiralling progressive doom, fuzz-toned stoner riffs, syrupy sludge and churning classic grooves. They transcend traditional doom forming elegant yet dramatic tracks, conveying their unique sense of melancholy edged with a sense of foreboding.

Debut record ‘Absolution’ earned the four piece outright critical praise from the underground, plus achieving them Decibel’s ‘Top 40 Albums of the Year’ list allowing their impact to slowly start seeping into the mainstream consciousness. ‘Hunted’ broke down those final barriers earning Khemmis widespread recognition, ranging from glowing reviews at, Metal Injection and Pitchfork, to earning them a spot in Rolling Stone’s ‘20 Best Metal Albums of 2016’ list and Decibel Magazine’s highly sought after ‘Album of the Year’ accolade. Not many bands out there can boast about being compared to the likes of Thin Lizzy and ZZ Top, to Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Judas Priest.

Rolling Stone (on ‘Hunted’)
“this intrepid quartet created an ambitious monolith of twisting guitar harmonies and skull-shattering drums that relies on fury rather than fuzz to channel the members’ devotion to old-school heavy metal.”

Pitchfork (on ‘Hunted’)
“also a nod to the Peaceville Three – Anathema, My Dying Bride, and Paradise Lost… Khemmis have stripped the cobwebs off those bands’ more Gothic moments and revealed the rock ‘n’ roll heart lurking beneath”

Metal Injection (on ‘Hunted’)
“Khemmis’ mastery of catchy riffs and melodies has subsequently unleashed a wave of unforgettable music that sits in your head day in and day out. Their doomed rock and roll demands multiple voluntary and involuntary replays throughout the week”

New Noise Magazine (on ‘Hunted’)
“Overall, this may go down as a modern doom rock classic”

Metal Sucks
“It’s hard to imagine of a band playing music this drenched in smoke and cosmic black magic that won’t piddle off into some self-indulgent jazz odyssey bullshit, but Khemmis finds a way. All this while two members get their PhDs and one runs the coolest brewery in all of Denver.”

Angry Metal Guy (on ‘Absolution’)
“taking traditional doom and blending it with stoner metal like Mastodon and High on Fire, a little southern groove and some old school rock ideas… the muck they dredge up at the delta of these influences is so listenable and addictive, you may think they stumbled upon a whole new doom enchilada.”

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