Another Lost Year Burglarized In St. Louis, Missouri

Charlotte, North Carolina rock band Another Lost Year has been added to the long list of touring artists whose vehicle has been broken in and burglarized in St. Louis, Missouri. You can check out what the band has posted on their Facebook page regarding this incident below.

We got robbed in STL. It was during soundcheck, fortunately the majority of our gear was inside. They did take our FOH gear, personal belongings like glasses, because they obviously had the same prescription, car keys to personal cars, ID’s, credit cards, some absolutely irreplaceable items and a coke out of the cooler. Not to mention the weeks take since we complete deposits at the start of the week. Everyone is ok. It seems to be a very similar way they do this at The Firebird in St Louis. Coincidentally enough the venue has no cameras. There is definitely a spotter for the lot, and usually when that band is playing and definitely not able to watch their stuff. Broad daylight. We searched for blocks in every direction, every dumpster, every alley. Looking for a clue.

I encourage all bands to avoid this place until they take responsibility for some type of surveillance. If you have that much gear in your building wouldn’t you want to protect it? Protect your patrons? Ensure your business is a safe environment?

We also want to say thanks to everyone that reached out with concerns. Total strangers to us expressing their condolences. The people who booked the show and are supposed to have our best interest at heart didn’t.

We gave the criminals the benefit of the doubt in thinking we did it you ourselves and left the van unlocked, until the PD showed us the forced entry. This isn’t blaming the venue either, sometimes the best offense is a great defense.

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