Dagger Premiere Music Video For “All Hope Is Gone”

Hong Kong hardcore band Dagger has premiered their new music video today. You can check out the video for their song “All Hope Is Gone” below. The song is from the band’s debut self-titled EP which was released last month.

The band has the following to say about the song:

“The song touches on the issue that has been plaguing the youth of Hong Kong for decades due to the age old education system that we have here. The education system puts a lot of pressure on our kids, their families and then in turn back on society because there’s no balance between academics and a life. The kids even during Christmas breaks or summer holidays have to keep up with school work and thus are placed in summer or winter classes or an insane amount of tutoring. This starts as young as 3 or 4 years old and by the time they get into their juvenile years it all comes to a head for some of them. Just this past February within 17 days, 5 teenagers decided to end their lives. It’s an issue that parents are up in arms about here, rightfully so, but nothing seems to happen. Nothing has pushed the government to make a massive change in our education system and its policies. There are literally kids jumping off of buildings now, and still nothing changes.

As a band steeped in the world of hardcore and punk, the music has to be socially driven. All the tracks on the EP touch on some subject matter that either we’ve experienced directly or that is impacting the world at large.”

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