VIDEO PREMIERE: Baggage – “Half Full”

Baggage, the new band of former Swellers drummer Jonathan Diener, has premiered their new music video today. You can check out the video for their song “Half Full” below. The song was originally from the compilation album Music For Everyone which was curated by Taking Back Sunday‘s John Nolan and is for the benefit ACLU.

Diener has the following to say about the cause that the song was for:

“I went to a rally against the first Muslim Ban in Flint and seeing so many passionate people changed my life. I was already involved, but these were the people taking action. Our Muslim brothers and sisters were misunderstood by the masses so we reached out to our friend Ruba to walk us through her life and the real micro-aggressions that would happen to the average Muslim American woman. We wanted to challenge the viewer’s bias and show that even in situations where you would want to assume, you might be wrong. We also had to bring up the Flint Water Crisis because not only was it happening in our area, it was something that still has yet to be resolved. It’s a shame that disasters bring us together, but it’s time to treat people like people again.”

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