NEWS: Dagger Announce Self-Titled Debut EP

Hong Kong-based metallic hardcore band Dagger has announced that they will be releasing their debut self-titled EP on July 1st via Singaporean label Dangerous Goods to coincide with the band’s launching of their Facebook page. The band will also be releasing a record release show on the same date the EP is released. This event will be held at the Focal Fair in Hong Kong. You can check out what the band has to say about this announcement below.

Welcome to our Dagger page!

We’re so excited to welcome you guys to our new band and what we’ve been busy putting our hearts to for the past 5 months! What started as just a quick jam with some friends who wanted to play heavy music quickly became something a lot more serious. We wrote a bunch of songs to release as a demo but as we began the recording process (with our friend Naseem vocalist of Hong Kong metalcore band Parallel Horizons) and then the mixing process, we realized that what we have we’d actually like to release as an EP.

So today not only are we announcing the band and this facebook page, we are also announcing our debut show which will also be the release of our self-titled EP! Our EP will be released on cassette by Singapore label Dangerous Goods!

The show will be:
DATE: July 1, 2017
VENUE: Focal Fair
BANDS: Dagger | Two Finger Salute | 遊蕩 Yau Dong | The Tracy Lörds | Parallel Horizons | Bulletproof hk

All show info right here:

The show is special for so many reasons! First and foremost, the show is not about us. It’s about our little Hong Kong community of bands. We purposely wanted to put on a show with bands in Hong Kong who have also been busy recording this year. So the show features 6 bands all of whom who will be releasing music that night!

The organizer of the show Unite Asia will also be releasing a free CD compilation that night featuring 2 songs from each of these bands!

Our 6 song EP is currently being mixed and mastered! We can’t WAIT for you to check out the tunes.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

To, James, Ivan, Riz

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