NEWS: Breakdown Of Sanity Calling It A Day

Swiss metalcore band Breakdown of Sanity has announced that they will be calling it a day after almost ten years of being a band. You can check out what the band has posted on their Facebook page regarding this announcement below.

Dear fans

Nobody can even imagine how incredibly thankful we are to be able to look back on such an amazing time we’ve had during the last 10 years as a band. Between 2007 and today we had the chance to meet so many amazing people in countless beautiful places. People who understand and apprecciate our work, who are thankful and obsessed with the sound of Breakdown of Sanity in the same way as we are. 10 years back, we’d never expected that this band would send us on such a memorable journey, the biggest adventure of our life. We’d never expected how far DIY can bring 5 simple dudes from Berne. Never.

But even the most beautiful chapters will come to an end one day: After 2017, BoS won’t play any more shows or release any new music for an indefinite period. After this year, our musical future is written in the stars. It is possible that one day, there could be another single / EP / experiment or project of any kind, by any constellation of band members, since we all are musicians in our hearts and will always be. We will keep playing our instruments, we are still best friends, we are still open minded and actually inspired by so many things. But it seems like for now we gave everything to the genre called “Metalcore” in this constellation, and we don’t want our music to get repetitive or boring or such. So, as you can imagine, the decision was not an easy one, though. But maybe you know that feeling, when one day you inwardly know it’s time to move on. When you feel it’s just time to experience something different in your life. New circumstances, new goals, new decisions. And we all have reached this point now.

We will keep every single moment we shared with this band and our fans in our hearts forever. THANK YOU so much for everything! For every buyed ticket, song, album, shirt or chat. You made Breakdown of Sanity what it is today. ❤

Breakdown of Sanity

Carlo, Oly, Chris, César, Tom

The band has a few more handful shows scheduled both here in the US and in Europe. For the dates and venues of these final shows, you can check that out below.

6/10 – Greenfield Festival – Interlaken, Switzerland
6/22 – Amnesia Rock Fest – Quebec, Canada
6/23 – Webster Hall – NYC, USA
6/26 – Chain Reaction – Anaheim, CA, USA
11/9 – LKA Longhorn – Stuttgart, GER
11/10 – Backstage – Munich, GER
11/11 – Essigfabrik – Cologne, GER
11/12 – Knust – Hamburg, GER
12/29 – Bierhübeli – Berne, Switzerland

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