VIDEO PREMIERE: The Weight of Atlas – “The Art of Letting Go”

Scottish metalcore band The Weight of Atlas has premiered their new music video today. You can check out the video for their song “The Art of Letting Go” below.

Vocalist/guitarist Gavin Duncan has the following to say about the song:

“‘The Art of Letting Go’ was written at a particularly troubled time in my life. I was essentially going through a period of existential crisis. I was dealing with the breakdown of a serious relationship, my career was non-existent and in general I wasn’t where I wanted to be in my life. I felt trapped that I had become stagnant, that wasn’t moving forward in life. I didn’t want this to become a song drenched in self-pity or written with a woe is me attitude.

The message of this song is essentially one of hope. It’s about realising that [there’s hope] whatever the circumstance you find yourself in, be it a career, relationship or any other aspect of your life. In my experience, it was easy to accept thing for how they were, that it wasn’t in my power to change anything. I think that’s a really dangerous thing. The reality is that change doesn’t have to come in the form of a miracle it’s something you can do in the moment but it requires a strong resolve. That’s what this song is to me.”

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